Profit pilfering ploys! #17.

The treacherous tactics used by pocket padding bartenders: #17 CASH FROM CREDIT!

Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2015







Veteran bar villains graduate from simply hitting NO SALE to this more advanced ploy; its big advantage is a lot of outs if their Spidey-like sense of paranoia starts tingling.


   Play by play:

The bartender receives cash for a round of drinks.  The bartender rings up the drinks, but, seeing that his customers are preoccupied, does NOT finalize (cash out) the transaction, instead converting it into a TAB.   Once saved, he hits NO SALE and swaps out the payment for change in the register.


But as change is returned either:


1. The customer absently leaves a tip then moves on with his friends.   Perfect!  Now our malevolent mixologist can later use their tab with credit card customers, who, sufficiently pickled, rarely ask for itemized receipts 




   2. The bartender senses something amiss... someone in the group is   watching him too closely... RAT ALERT!  Audible!  As change goes down, the bartender casually asks, "Sorry, did you want a receipt?". 


If the answer is "yes," the bartender quickly returns to the register,retrieving a receipt after closing out the tab to cash.


If the answer is, "no", the bartender has a call to make: still close the tab to cash, just to be on the safe side...  or option #1, betting the transaction will not later be reported.  (Smart dissemblers usually play it safe, knowing that ample opportunities with less observant patrons await.)


If scenario #1, the last step is for the bartender to eventually get the lame payment into his jar while routinely "coloring up" tips.


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