The cost of catering to bad customers

Not all customers are created equal. Some deserve extra perks or attention because they pay back with regular patronage and/or positive influence; but what about those that demand extra attention yet don't pay back, or worse yet, actually hurt your business?

Posted: Monday, April 06, 2015

From an actual conversation (paraphrased) between a Bevinco rep and former client:


CLIENT: So I get that we need to standardize the pour sizes, but there are some regulars we still need to take care of... one in particular.

BEVINCO REP: Okay, well, we can create a VIP BUMP key… or you can just comp his drinks as you see fit, just make sure they're accounted for.

CLIENT:  He’s one of those guys… unless he gets a triple pour he screams bloody murder.  He can be really offensive to the staff.

BEVINCO REP: That’s not good.

CLIENT:   No, and to other customers too, even when he gets his triples.  After he’s had a few of them it’s just a matter of time until he starts in on people, cursing and screaming at them.

BEVINCO REP:  And this is the guy you want taken care of?

CLIENT:  Well, sure, he comes in every day!


If you cater to bad customers... pretty soon that’s the only kind you’ll have.