The Great American Shake Off!

Forget the fake flair; we're looking for the nation's most authentically stylish and proficient cocktail shakers!

Posted: Friday, July 03, 2015

Details follow image below:



Forget the fake flair; we're looking for the nation's most authentically stylish and proficient cocktail shakers, not in a mock setting, but while actually on the job delivering a real time drink order at the height of business!


Contest entry video gathered by: (i) Barfly representatives visiting bars in various cities, broadcasting via Periscope and (ii) via direct video submission to Barfly, provided the video meet the following criteria:


Video must comprise the entire drink-making process, from clearly announcing the order, making and SHAKING (mere stirring or building does NOT qualify), then pouring its contents, clearly emptying the shaker.  No edits or cuts allowed.   A minimum of one drink must be made, although multiple drinks (ie. one shaker used to pour several, or better yet, two shakers used simultaneously!) will earn points for higher degree of difficulty, as will more complicated drinks, not to mention drinks made in the context of a clearly busy and chaotic bar.

Submissions should be sent as an email attachment, complete with details in the body of the email to include: (1.) name of bartender  (2.)  name/location of bar, (3.) drink name and recipe  (4.) date and time of preparation... all sent to the following email address: shakeoff@barflysms.com. 

 Video submissions will be accepted through August 10, 2015, with a winner to be announced on Saturday, August 15th.


Contestants will be judged on three criteria: style, charisma and competency.  Style and competency scores to be judged by Barfly management panel, charisma scores primarily based on the social media traction (likes and comments) their videos receive on FACEBOOK.   


Winner to receive: (i.) $250.00 gift certificate to a bar or restaurant in their area.  (ii.) Great American Shake Off winner plaque (iii.) featured exposure on all Barfly social media platforms (FB, LI, TW, INST, PINT, PER + BFSMS BLOG), not only with the winning video its entirety, but also with a range of posts, to include profile, interview, photo/quote style postings, etc, spread across the last two weeks of August. 

2nd place finisher: (i.) $100.00 gift certificate to a local bar or restaurant  (ii.) significant social media exposure across platforms.

3rd place: (i.) $50.00 gift certificate (ii.) social media exposure across platforms.


No more than two video submissions per bartender accepted.

Chosen video submissions will be featured on social media platforms, including, but not limited to, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PINTAREST, TWITTER and LINKED IN.

Submissions must come from actual bartender videotaped, not a representative thereof.

Quality of video a factor; inferior quality (blurry, too murky, under lit) will not be eligible for consideration.

Ambient bar sounds, as opposed to overlaid music, preferred.

Various other legal gibberish qualifiers TBD.


What are you waiting for?   Send us your video!